Therapy for Self Esteem Issues

Understanding and improving your self esteem

How we feel about ourselves matters

If you struggle with your self esteem, it’s probably something that’s been part of your life for a very long time, or is the result of a traumatic event.

You find yourself comparing¬† yourself to others and often coming up short. The people in your life may even point out your faults on a regular basis. You may often feel like you have to wear a ‘mask’ to be accepted by friends and family.¬†


Small Changes have a big impact

Our self esteem is about the relationship we have with ourselves. Often what comes to light in therapy is that you’re not treating yourself very well. We’re raised to be kind to other people but we’re not always taught to be kind to ourselves. If you are spending a lot of your life criticising yourself or being criticised by others, you are bound to feel bad.

In therapy we can think about what’s needed for you to want to look after yourself and how you can do that in practice. Even small changes can have a huge impact.


Counsellors and psychotherapists all work in different ways. I am what’s called a “humanistic integrative” psychotherapist which simply means that:
  • I don’t just focus on your self-esteem, I take into account all of you – your emotions, thoughts and behaviours, and also your history, your hopes and dreams and your spirit. I see you as a human being, not just as a label or a diagnosis to be solved.
  • I see us as being on an equal footing. I’ve spent a long time learning about people and relationships and what causes poor self esteem and what to do to relieve it – but you are the expert on you.
  • I integrate different theories about psychological dis-ease and growth. This is a bit like me having a big toolbox and being able to draw on a mixture of different tools depending on who you are, what you’re struggling with and what works best for you.