Anxiety Therapy

How anxiety therapy can help you.

Need help with anxiety?

Anxiety can turn the simplest of tasks into something that feels totally impossible. Or even worse it can leave you feeling useless, pathetic and hopeless.

That’s a painful way to be approaching each day.

You might find it’s only one or two things that trigger your anxiety. Alternatively, you might feel like you don’t know who you are anymore because it’s crept into every single area of your life and you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore.

Some anxiety is a normal part of every day life. Healthy anxiety helps us to know whether something is safe or not. The problem comes when you’re not in any danger but your brain persists in reacting as if it is. This isn’t always easily solved.

It’d be really helpful if we could just say “Hey brain, it’s just a phone call, nothing bad is going to happen to me.” and then just make the call. But that doesn’t seem to work.

That’s why I’m here. Therapy gives you the time and space to understand where your anxiety comes from and what’s needed to move forwards. 

How I can help

Counsellors and psychotherapists all work in different ways. I’m what’s called a “humanistic integrative” psychotherapist which simply means that:

  • I don’t just focus on your anxiety. I take into account all of you – your emotions, thoughts and behaviours, and also your history, your hopes and dreams and your spirit. You are a human being, not a label or a diagnosis to be solved.
  • I see us as being on an equal footing. I’ve spent a long time learning about people and relationships and what causes anxiety and what to do to relieve it – but I know that you are the expert on you.
  • I integrate different theories about psychological dis-ease and growth. This is a bit like me having a big toolbox. This means I am able to draw on a mixture of different tools depending on what works best for you.